Mad Scientist Toon Humanoid Mecanim Meshtint 3d model unity low poly halloween frankenstein old man
Mad Scientist Toon Humanoid Mecanim Meshtint 3d model unity low poly halloween frankenstein old man Mad Scientist Toon Humanoid Mecanim Meshtint 3d model unity low poly halloween frankenstein old man

Contents: FBX, PSD and Unity package
Supported Unity versions: 2022.3.7f1 or higher

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Toon Humanoid Series Introduction:

Toon Humanoid Series 3D characters possess a charmingly blocky, low-poly design, making them both adorable and user-friendly. These characters are fully compatible with Unity game engine's Mecanim system, allowing seamless integration of humanoid animations from sources such as Mixamo, Unity Asset Store, or your custom animations. To gain a better understanding of sharing humanoid animations using the Mecanim system in Unity, refer to additional resources for more information.

This package is delivered using "Built in' render pipeline in Unity. The materials can be URP and HDRP using the built-in update Feature, as they all use the Standard Shader. If the assets appear purple in the scene, that's because the assets are imported from another pipeline. You can upgrade the shader easily (only a few clicks!) by following this tutorial.

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Mad Scientist Toon Humanoid Series

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Included in this package is a single character: the Mad Scientist with flask(detachable). The texture dimensions are 2048 x 2048 (adjusted to 512 in Unity), and the file format is PSD. It comprises 1 diffuse texture map, and the material utilizes Unity's Standard shader. The character is low-poly with a polygon count of 1090 triangles, flask is 188 triangles, and it comes rigged and animated. The package features 5 basic animations, and the character is set up with a humanoid Mecanim rig in Unity.

If you're utilizing the Unity game engine, you have the option to incorporate humanoid animations created by yourself, animations obtained from the Unity Asset Store, and/or free animations from Mixamo for this character. It's important to be aware that certain animations from platforms like Mixamo may appear distinct on this character due to variations in body proportions compared to their provided examples. Therefore, it's advisable to make any necessary adjustments to the animations directly on the Mixamo site.

Note that the assets (except the main character) shown in the preview video are not included in this package. You can find the characters, props and environments here: CLICK HERE to shop.

Animations included:

  1. Idle
  2. Walk forward in place
  3. Walk forward with root motion
  4. Run forward in place
  5. Run forward with root motion

Take note:

Review the preview images and videos for a comprehensive understanding of the content before making a purchase.

The demo scenes within the package incorporate specific free assets, but it's not mandatory to download and import them into your project. The proper functioning of this package does not depend on the inclusion of the following assets:

  • Post Processing Stack v2

It's important to note that each animation exists as an individual FBX file; consolidating all animations into a single FBX file is not feasible.

The 3D files in the package are provided in FBX format. For alternative file formats, an additional fee applies. Feel free to inquire for more details. Thank you!