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Toon Heroes Updated

Toon Heroes Updated

Toon Heroes Pack is updated! Now with more animations and it's humanoid mecanim rig set up in Unity. Get your updates now!  The Toon Series characters are squarish, cartoony and simple.They are also very low poly, therefore it's very suitable for mobile games. This pack consists of 4 heroic characters....

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Fungusa Pack is now available in SimP style!

Fungusa Pack is now available in SimP style!

Are you looking for SimP series creature models? Great news! We have added a new creature to SimP Series and we will be adding more! Not sure what's SimP style? Check out SimP Series game models here.  The first creature that we have added is Fungusa Pack. Fungusa was first introduced...

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Little Heroes Mega Pack Latest update

Little Heroes Mega Pack Latest update

Good news! We have made an update to Little Heroes Mega Pack. So, what's new?! We have added female faces to make female character customization more fun. Your character can also walk and roll backwards in Little Heroes Mega Pack version 2.4. Cool huh?  For more info, see release notes below:  2.4- Added...

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