Dragon Hell Toon Meshtint 3d model unity low poly game fantasy creature monster evolution Pokemon
Dragon Hell Toon Meshtint 3d model unity low poly game fantasy creature monster evolution Pokemon Dragon Hell Toon Meshtint 3d model unity low poly game fantasy creature monster evolution Pokemon

Contents: FBX, PSD and Unity package
Supported Unity versions: 2021.3.15f1 or higher

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Toon series Introduction:

Toon series assets are boxy, low poly and cute looking. They are easy to use and affordable!

Toon series modular character packs are customizable. They are humanoid mecanim ready in Unity. You can share most humanoid animations with them in Unity. If you are not sure, please contact us for more information.

Toon Series evolution 3D robots, aliens and monsters have 3 evolution forms. 'Evolution 1' is the least evolved ( weaker) and 'Evolution 3' is the most evolved ( Most powerful). You can use it to show progression in your game! Check our Wiki site for more information.

It's a good addition for games like Pokemon, Mario, casual, hybrid casual, educational, tower defense, RPG games and more.

Toon series environments are also easy to use. Just drag and drop to populate your game scene!

This package is delivered using "Built in' render pipeline in Unity. The materials can be URP and HDRP using the built-in update Feature, as they all use the Standard Shader. If the assets appear purple in the scene, that's because the assets are imported from another pipeline. You can upgrade the shader easily (only a few clicks!) by following this tutorial.


Dragon Hell Series

This pack contains 1 x 'evolution 3' creature: Dragon Hell. Texture size is 2048 x 2048 ( set to 512 in Unity) and file format is in PSD. It is using 1 diffuse texture map. Material is using Unity's Standard shader. Polycount: 1292 triangles. Low poly. Rigged and animated. Generic mecanim rig set up. Total 31 animations.


  1. Underground
  2. Spawn
  3. Ground Idle
  4. Walk forward in place
  5. Walk forward with root motion
  6. Run forward in place
  7. Run forward with root motion
  8. Ground Turn left
  9. Ground Turn right
  10. Jump in place
  11. Jump with root motion
  12. Jump forward in place
  13. Jump forward with root motion
  14. Ground bite attack
  15. Ground cast spell
  16. Ground projectile attack
  17. Ground trajectory projectile attack
  18. Ground Take damage
  19. Ground Die
  20. Ground idle to fly idle
  21. Spawn to fly idle
  22. Fly Idle
  23. Fly forward in place
  24. Fly forward with root motion
  25. Fly Turn left
  26. Fly Turn right
  27. Fly bite attack
  28. Fly cast spell
  29. Fly projectile attack
  30. Fly Take damage
  31. Fly Die

Take note:

Please see preview images and videos to know more about the content before purchasing.

The demo scenes in the package are using the following free assets but it's optional to download and import them into your project. This package does not require the following assets to work properly.

  • Post Processing Stack v2

3D files are in FBX in the package. Additional fee is required for other file formats.