Battleground Hell Toon Series 1.2
Battleground Hell Toon Series 1.2 Battleground Hell Toon Series 1.2 Battleground Hell Toon Series 1.2
$9.90 $14.90

Contents: FBX, PSD and Unity package
Supported Unity versions: 2021.3.3f1 or higher

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    Battleground Hell Pack

    Price down! Original price 14.90USD

    Assets are compatible with Toon Series. They are simple, low poly, cartoony, cute and very easy to use! Just mix and match to customize you own battleground. We highly recommended you to use Toon Series assets with this pack.

    This package is delivered using "Built in' render pipeline. The materials can be URP and HDRP using the built-in update Feature, as they all use the Standard Shader. If the assets appear purple in the scene, that's because the assets are imported from another pipeline. You can upgrade the shader easily (only a few clicks!) by following this tutorial.

    (Total amount includes colour variations)

    • 1 Border corner
    • 1 Border edge
    • 2 Border Spike
    • 1 Bridge
    • 6 Castles
    • 6 Flags
    • 2 FX
    • 2 Grounds
    • 1 Ground side
    • 1 Lava river
    • 6 Towers
    • 1 Chain
    • 1 Dragon Statue
    • 1 Drain
    • 1 Torch
    • 1 Wheel
    • 1 Demo scene


    This package does not have any scripts.

    Take note:
    Please see preview images and videos to know more about the content before purchasing.
    The demo scenes in the package are using the following free assets but it's optional to download and import them into your project. This package does not require the following assets to work properly.
    • Post Processing Stack v2

    3D files are in FBX in the package. Additional fee is required for other file formats.

    Release notes:
    • Upgrade project to Unity 2017.1.1
    • Rebake demo scene's lightmap
    • Removed legacy standard camera effect
    • Added post processing effect to demo scene
    • Adjusted lighting in demo scene
    • Changed to shadowmask
    • Added light probes to demo scene
    • Adjusted FX's material
    • Adjusted torch lighting intensity, Change no shadow to soft shadow
    • Removed spotlights from demo scene
    • Fixed seams on skybox

    • Upgrade project to Unity 2021.3.3f1
    • Modified demo scene
    • Upgrade post processing to stack 2 in demo scene
    • Adjust lighting in demo scene
    • Fixed fire texture
    • Removed lightmap from demo scene