How to add root motion to Generic set up Robot Tanker in Unity?

Hi there! In this tutorial, we are going to share the steps to add root motion to Robot Tanker that is generic mecanim set up in Unity. You can purchase Robot Tanker here

It's easy to add root motion to Humanoid Mecanim characters. But how do we do it for generic mecanim characters? 

Let's get started! 

1) Open Animator. Drag walk with root motion to the animator. Currently, Robot Tanker's animator is using walk and run without root motion. Below I have set Walk with root motion as default state because I would like to test is the walk animation has root motion or not when i hit Play button. 

unity generic root mecanim

2) Go to FBX folder. Click on Robot Tanker file. See Inspector. Change root node to RigPelvis.

unity generic mecanim

3) Go to animation folder. Select all the animations or the animation you want ( In our case, walk with root motion), and choose 'Copy from other Avatar' in the Avartar Definition field. Then click on the small circle on the right under the Source field and look for RobotTankerAvatar ( Tips: 'RobotTankerAvatar' is the avartar you have set up in step 2. ) . Hit Apply! You are done! Now you have root motion for the walking animation. 

unity root motion generic mecanim


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