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Contents: FBX, TGA Textures files, Unity 5 Package

Galaxy Series 

In Galaxy Series, the game assets will be created with simplistic and minimal style using low poly models, clean and solid colors textures, and lighting. 

Robot Roller 

Robot Roller is rigged and animated.There are 18 animations in total. Legacy and Generic Mecanim rig set up if you are using Unity game engine. Triangle count is 720 only. Textures are hand painted and available in 3 colors. 

FX Unity particles are included in the Unity package. They are: 

1) Green Projectile and Impact
2) Blue Green Projectile and Impact
3) Red Projectile and Impact
4) Green/Red/Blue sparkles at Robot Roller's eye. 5) Green/Red/Blue gas at Robot Roller's arms.

See images and Youtube video for animations and model preview. 

- Idle
- Move
- Move Slant Left 
- Move Slant Right 
- Spin Attack 
- Left Aim 
- Left Blast Attack 
- Left Rapid Attack 
- Right Aim 
- Right Blast Attack 
- Right Rapid Attack 
- Both Aim 
- Both Blast Attack 
- Both Rapid Attack 
- Jump 
- Defend
- Take damage
- Die