Tutorial : How to mount your character onto the horse

Hi there! We have released a new pack recently - LHMP Horse Mounts. It's an expansion pack of Little Heroes Mega pack.  

For those who are new to Little Heroes Mega pack, LHMP( Little Heroes Mega pack )  is a customizable character pack. The characters are simple, low poly, cartoony, cute and very easy to use! Most importantly, you can customize you own characters. Just mix and match with the different hairs, costumes, accessories and weapons! 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to mount LHMP characters onto the LHMP Horse Mounts in Unity game engine.

Step 1
Drag a horse prefab in the prefab folder to the scene.

Step 2
Expand it fully by alt + left click onto the prefab in the hierarchy panel. 

Step 3
Look for ‘+Mount ’ in the prefab’s hierarchy. +Mount is the attach point where you place your Little Heroes prefab. 

Step 4
Drag your ready heroes and drop it onto +Mount. There you go, done!

Step 5
We have included 1 mount animation for the characters to use when they sit on the horse. It can be found in the animation folder in LHMP Horse Mounts. .

Step 6
Note that the mount animations require the avatar from Little Heroes Mega Pack. Therefore, please import Little Heroes Mega pack when using mount animation.

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