V2.6: LITTLE HEROES MEGA PACK updated, again!

Good news! (For those who have bought LITTLE HEROES MEGA PACK early, ) New content are added again! 

If you are new to LITTLE HEROES MEGA PACK,let us share with you a little buit more about this pack. In this series,the characters are simple, low poly, cartoony, cute and very easy to use! Most importantly, you can customize you own characters. Just mix and match with the different hairs, costumes, accessories and weapons! This is very useful for many games. Not only you can create unique looking characters with stock 3d models. On top of that, it helps you to save some development cost! For more info, see here.

So, what's new?
We have added some new assets and animations based on the requests we have received over the past few months. Below is the release notes. Hope it helps! 

Version 2.6
- Fixed Customized prefab Knight Male 02's missing materials
- Upgraded to Unity 5.6
- Added style sample scenes to help developers with lighting and setting game look .
- Changed project setting to linear
- Added animations: Swim 01 and 02, tread water, Spear Strafe left/right without root motion, Torch Idle, look around, Walk /Strafe left/ Strafe right/ run w/wo root motion, Left throw, Spawn ground.
- Added Torch

New sample scenes images below

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