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New! CUBE Series - Customizable Characters + Environment!

Hi all! 

We would like to introduce you a brand new series of 3D assets to you! Are you an indie developer on a budget? Or are you looking for customizable characters so that you can create unique look for your game while using stock models? 

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Introducing you the CUBE Series - Sci Fi Underworld City Pack ! 

See video below.

 If you are familiar to our Mega Toon Series assets, CUBE Series - Sci Fi Underworld City Pack is similar in someway but different! This time, different bundle, a different theme, VR/AR friendly, comes with environment and even more affordable! 

About CUBE Series Science Fiction Underworld City Pack: 

This pack contains a lot of assets for you to create your own Science Fiction themed game! The props and environment assets are low poly. Layout them easily and create your own game environment. You can also customize your character! Accessories and weapons are provided for customization. 

Why buy me? :

1) Customizable human characters. The set up is very easy. Just drag and drop. See tutorial image in the preview screen. 
2) You can create your unique looking characters even though it's a 3D stock models pack! Contact us if you need more customization.
3) Robots are included in the package. You can use them as enemies! 
4) Many assets to create your own environment. They are stylized and low poly. Most of them are using the same material and texture. Optimized for your game! 
5) Demo scene is included. See video. 6) Assets remain clear ( no pixelation) even when close up. Good for AR, VR apps. 

Get it here

What do you need to take note:

1) Scripts and animations are not included in the package. We are using Unity's 3rd person controller in the demo. There is no attack animation in Unity's controller pack. 
2) You will need to download/import these packs to use the demo scene. They are available in Unity Asset Store and in Unity:
- Standard Assets > Characters
- Standard Assets > Effects
- Asset Store > Post Processing Stack version 1
- Asset Store Cinemachine
- Asset Store > Unity Pacticle Pack
3) This is not a plug and play game template. You will need to add scripts, cameras, sounds etc to create a complete game. 
4) The demo is only for your reference. 

Get it here

What's in the pack?: 

Customized Samples :
- 15 characters 

Costumes and Accessories ( Color variations included) :
- 18 x female costumes 
- 30 x male costumes
- 5 x robots 
- 3 x bags
- 15 x beards 
- 4 x eyes 
- 35 x female hair 
- 40 x male hair 
- 2 x head dresses 
- 4 x masks 
- 6 x wings 

Weapons ( Color variations included) :
- 4 x axes
- 4 x double edge sword 
- 4 x fist blade 
- 8 x guns 
- 4 x hammers 
- 4 x double edge sword 
- 4 x ring blades 
-12 x swords 
- 4 x wands 

Props and Environment ( Color variations included) :
- 4 x arc
- 1 x bench
- 5 x border
- 4 x Buildings
- 1 x Energy Box
- 2 x fence
- 1 x fence pillar
- 1 x crate
- 1 x generator
- 1 x ground
- 2 x hologram
- 2 x lamp
- 4 x machine
- 1 x pillar
- 2 x portal
- 1 x sewer
- 8 x sign board
- 1 x spotlight
- 1 x stairs
- 3 x tiles
- 1 x torch
- 1 x wall

Get it here

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