Introducing Super Bloom Series

Looking for an optimized stylized 3D environment? Super Bloom Series might be the one you are looking for! 

Super Bloom Series (SBS) is a new style in store. SBS assets are stylized and beautiful. 3D models are low to mid poly. The main highlight of this series is that the assets use minimal number of textures to produce beautiful assets. It's especially significant for an environment. You can see this in the first SBS pack we have just released.  

Green Forest Pack Super Bloom Series

In this environment pack, all the props are using the same one material (Toon/Lit Shader in Unity) and are textured with only one 512 x 512 map! (Skybox and FX excluded). This is very optimized and useful especially for mobile game! This is scene is created in Unity game engine and therefore Unity is recommended for this pack. You may still use it for other game engines but you will need to set it up on your own. 

Demo scenes included:
Lighted Day scene.

Lighted Night scene.

Green Forest Pack SimP Series contains props and landscapes to populate your game scene easily with these game ready assets. Save time and cost! Note that the look and feel of the demo scene in the preview images is enhanced by camera effects. You will need to import Unity's standard effect package to use camera effects and Toon/Lit Shader. The environment looks good without camera effects too, therefore you can remove camera effects if you need to optimize the scene for eg, mobile game.

You can purchase Green Forest Pack SimP Series here! 

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