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Toon Elven Archer - Shop3DSA Toon Elven Archer 1.1 Toon Elven Archer 1.1 Toon Elven Archer 1.1 Toon Elven Archer 1.1 Toon Elven Archer - Shop3DSA

Contents: FBX, TGA Textures files, Unity 5 Package

Toon Series characters are squarish, cartoony and simple.They are also very low poly, therefore it's very suitable for mobile games. 

Triangle count is only 722! ( character + crossbow + arrow) Textures are hand painted and available in 3 colors. They are rigged and animated. There are 16 animations altogether. Legacy and Humanoid Mecanim rig set up. Arrows with Fire/Freeze FX, FX Projectile and Impact Unity Particles are included in this package. 

Note that the background and environment you see in the main image are not included in the package. 

See images and YouTube video for animations and model preview. 

- Idle
- Walk 
- Walk with Root Motion 
- Run 
- Run with Root Motion 
- Jump without Root Motion 
- Arrow Attack
- Multiple Shots Attack 
- Cast Spell
- Projectile Attack 
- Victory
- Upset 
- Defend 
- Take damage
- Die
Release notes:

1.1 (current)
- Added new scene
- Changed from generic mecanim rig set up to humanoid mecanim rig set up
- Adjusted animations >defend, upset
- Added animations > Jump without root motion, walk and run with root motion