Mega Toon Mushroom
Mega Toon Mushroom Mega Toon Mushroom Mega Toon Mushroom Mega Toon Mushroom

Contents: FBX, TGA Textures files, Unity Package.

Mega Toon Series. The characters are squarish, cartoony and simple.They are also very low poly, therefore it's very suitable for mobile games.

Low poly Simple Toon Mushroom

It has only 690 triangles ! Textures are hand painted and available in 3 colors each. They are rigged and animated. It has 13 animations. Generic Mecanim rig set up if you are using Unity game engine.

Note that the background and environment you see in the main image are not included in the package.

3D and PSD working files are not / will not be included in the package.

Please see images and YouTube video for animations and model preview before making purchase.

- Idle
- Walk Without Root Motion
- Walk With Root Motion
- Run Without Root Motion
- Run With Root Motion
- Punch Attack
- Projectile Attack
- Spell Cast
- Jump With Root Motion
- Jump Without Root Motion
- Defend
- Take damage
- Die