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 cute series

Cute Series 3D models are cute and easy to use. The style is rounder compared to other series. It's a good addition for games like Pokemon, Mario, casual, educational, tower defense, RPG games and more!

Cute Series popular packs:

Cute Series asset list:


Super series assets are toony, cute and easy to use! Mobile. AR, Vr friendly. You can use it for many different kind of games. Use it creatively!

Popular Super series assets:


Super series list:




Mega Toon Series. In this series,the characters, props and environments are simple, low poly, cartoony, cute, boxy and very easy to use! Most importantly, you can customize you own characters/buildings in some of the packs. Just mix and match! Unity 3D game engine is recommended for such pack.

Popular assets:


 Mega Toon list:

Mega Toon Boximons list:




Ace Series assets are stylized and low to mid poly. Modular environment and character assets! Modular character's body parts are separated to maximize customization! Suitable for top down view and first person view games.

Ace series list:




Fantasy Pro Series models are low to mid poly models with hand painted textures. Suitable for Mobile, PC, console VR and AR games. They are good addition to your RPG, strategy, RTS games.

Fantasy Pro series list 01:

Fantasy Pro series list 02:



Polygonal Series 3D models are in faceted style and VR AR friendly. Texture size are very small and assets remain clear when close up. It will be a good addition to other faceted style environment packs.

Popular Polygonal series assets:




Polygonal series list:



CUBE Series assets are low poly, simple and boxy looking. In CUBE Series, you can also customize your character! Accessories and weapons are provided for customization. Assets remain clear ( no pixelation) even when close up. Good for AR, VR apps!

Popular Cube series assets:




SimP Series characters are simple and customizable. Just drag and attach the different hairs, costumes, accessories and weapons to create a unique looking character.

Popular Simp series assets:





Galaxy series assets are low poly, Sci Fiction themed, Robot Models for your indie game development. Suitable for Mobile, PC, console VR and AR games.

Popular Galaxy series assets:




The term chibi has mostly been conflated with the "super deformed" style of drawing characters with over-sized heads. Chibi Series is a perfect 3D model asset for your medieval fantasy themed game development. The customizable feature in some of the packs allows you to create interesting game play, game progression and unique character look.

Chibi series list:



Sparkle Series assets are cute and stylized. A must have for your stylized cute looking game! It can also be used for app/game that are targeted for younger audience. For example, a educational game app. Assets are textured in a way whereby it will not be pixelated when close up and therefore it's suitable for VR and AR game app!




Superbloom Series assets are stylized and beautiful. 3D models are low to mid poly. The main highlight of this series is that the assets use minimal number of textures to produce beautiful assets. It's especially significant for an environment.

Superbloom series list:




Download these free 3d models for your game development!

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