New revamped website!

Goodbye Weebly. Hello Shopify. 

Hi! You might have noticed that we have revamped our site! We have changed our web service provider from Weebly to Shopify recently. The reason is because we would like to provide a better experience for you!

So, what's new?!

1) Newsletter


You can now subscribe to our newsletter! This feature will be very useful because you not have to search for updates. Updates on assets and latest offer will be sent to your email

2) Asset updates

Notification emails will be sent you whenever there's an update on the assets you ahve bought. Isn't that awesome?! 

3) Sorting

You can now sort the products by using the sorting function on the top right corner. With this new function, you can choose to see the best selling and most popular product, or by prices etc. This will definitely help you to search the product more effectively.

4) Side bar

We have added a sidebar to make searching easier and more effective. Simply click on the category or series to refine the search. 

New Products!

By popular demand for more Toon characters, we have added a new Toon Enemies pack 2! There are 14 characters in this pack. They will be a good addition to your fantasy toon themed game. They can be used as enemies or boss characters. 

Toon Queen Worm is a giant worm with the ability to summon Toon Worm to fight for her. Toon worm will be spawn from the ground. 

Toon Treasure Chest Real is the real treasure chest with gold ( Gold is a separated mesh and therefore it's replaceable)! Toon Treasure Chest is a monster. It comes with attack animations. An idea to use these 2 chests is to set traps. Players will have to guess which one is the REAL treasure chest! 

Toon Gorgon can use her summon animation to summon Toon Cobra and Toon snake. 

Toon Treant is strong but slow. Can be used as a guardian for forest. 

For more information, you can read more on this page. 

We wil be adding more assets to our store. So stay tuned for more. At the mean time if you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form! 


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